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Official World Cup Soccer Ball 1978
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Official World Cup Tango 1978 WC Ball

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Tango Durlast 1978 World Cup Soccer Ball

Tango Durlast 1978

The ball design represented elegance, dynamism and passion.

Soccer ball design experienced another revolution in 1978 with the introduction of the Adidas Tango. Adidas had created what would become a ‘football design classic’. Twenty panels with ‘triads’ created the impression of 12 identical circles. For the following five FIFA World Cup tournaments, the Match Ball design was based on this design. Tango featured improved weather resistance qualities, and took its inspiration from the deep passion, emotion and elegance of Argentina.

The Tango became a successful model. The Tango was

also used at the Olympic Games and in the

European Cup

Thank you Jens Badinski for the above pictures!

Tango Rosario 1978 World Cup Soccer Ball

The above Tango River Plate picture was provided by Sebastiano Calì from Italy. Thanks!

The above picture of a Tango WC 1978 ball with the box has been provided by Philip Osman from Wales, UK. Thanks!

Thank you T. Jones, from Cambridge UK for the above picture.

Thank you Jacques Barralon for the above picture.

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