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Official World Cup Soccer Ball 1994
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Official World Cup Questra Soccer Ball

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Qestra 1994 World Cup Soccer Ball

FIFA World Cup USA, 1994, official ball which was enveloped in a layer of polystyrene foam.

This not only made it more waterproof but allowed the ball greater acceleration when kicked. The new game ball felt softer to the touch. Improved ball control and higher velocity during play.

Questra: USA, 1994

The above picture was provided by Sebastiano Calì from Italy. Thanks!

The technical development for the Questra took place in the adidas center for ball development in France, followed by test games in France, Germany and the USA with professional players, amateurs and youth teams. The design embodied adidas's theme for the World Cup: innovation and "the quest for the stars". The ball was manufactured from five different materials with a flexible but durable outer layer made from polyurethane.  Inspired by space technology, high velocity rockets and America’s “quest for the stars”, Questra set new performance standards. 

The above two pictures was provided by Jacques Barralon

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