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Official World Cup Soccer Ball 1974
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Official World Cup Durlast Soccer Ball

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Telstar Durlast R : West Germany, 1974

The above picture was provided by Jacques Barralon, Thanks!

Telstar Duralast 1974

Picture provided by Jacques Barralon (signed by Bayern players)

Chile Durlast R : West Germany, 1974

Two adidas match balls were used for Germany ‘74. Telstar made a repeat appearance with new black branding replacing the previously gold branding. Adidas introduced a new all-white version named Adidas Chile (after an all-white ball used at Chile 62). The materials and techniques used in the Telstar and Chile were identical to those used four years earlier.

The above Telstar ball has the signatures of the famous 11 (Maier, Vogts, Breitner, Schwarzenbeck, Beckenbauer, Bonhof, Hoeneß, Overath, Grabowski, Müller, Hölzenbein) and even the substitute players. The players signed the ball just after they had won the world cup in Germany in 1974.



Above picture provided by Jacques Barralon

The above four pictures are from Soccer Ball World visitor Peter Pesti

Super Lux version for high visibility!

1974 Apollo ball picture provided by Jacques Barralon

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